Night Is Falling #1 Kickstarter Exclusive Comic

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In NIGHT IS FALLING, brother and sister Valerie and Joshua Haskell are moving from New York City to Jonah’s Harbor, Maine, ostensibly because their dad has a new job in the town. But it’s a chance for a new start in many ways, as Valerie has been dogged by cruel rumors at their former school, and Joshua has been kicked out for fighting. They soon discover that the Jonah’s Harbor kids who take them into their circle have been keeping a dangerous secret, and cultivating a plan to save the town from an unspeakable evil.

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4 reviews for Night Is Falling #1 Kickstarter Exclusive Comic

  1. Jacob Lear

    Issue 1 does a great job at setting up the word of Jonahs Harbor- from its sordid past to its seemingly idyllic present of 1977. You know, minus all the missing pets. A little light on action, but can’t wait to see what comes next.

  2. Dave

    Best new comic I’ve read in quite a while. Fun writing and great art, and best of all, spoooky!

  3. Chad Moore

    I was instantly enthralled with the first issue, which sets up a tantalizing premise with a wonderful atmosphere of Gothic horror and interesting and likable characters. Definitely one of the best comics I’ve read in some time.

  4. Wayne Clark

    Can’t say enough good things about this book! The writing and the art both do a fantastic job of taking you to a small New England coastal style town – which may be fictional – but reminds me so much of so many places I’ve been. Things in New England are often not what they seem at first glance and this is very much the case in Jonah’s Harbor! I am so looking forward to more from this creative team and am anxiously awaiting learning more about it’s characters and what comes once Night has fallen! Again – The art is in this book is top notch and some of the best I’ve seen – great things await!

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